Pentax Fibroscope  (Fiberoptic Bronchoscope)

Fiber Bronchoscopes V Series :

Every day around the world, PENTAX Medical fiber bronchoscopes meet the needs of pulmonologists and emergency physicians with speed and efficiency for diagnostic, therapeutic and emergency procedures. PENTAX Medical engineers fiberscopes enhance optical quality and endoscope durability. These cost-effective bronchoscopes are reliable, well-engineered, and supported by PENTAX Medical’s convenient customer service and expert technicians.

Superfine images, consistent high-quality :

PENTAX Medical’s proprietary Superfine fiber technology increases the number of optical fibers in the bronchoscope for better image resolution and color discrimination. The hexagonal close-packed fiber arrangement protects individual fibers from damage to maintain consistent high-quality imaging over time.

Engineered for advanced maneuverability :

The FB-V Series’ tight bending radius and wide angle views provide easy maneuverability for precise, accurate examinations. The up to 3.0mm instrument channel combined with the high suction capacity makes the FB-V Series perfect for multiple tasks, including use with a wide range of accessories for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The lightweight control body is engineered for physician comfort and procedural efficiency.

Engineered for efficient reprocessing :

PENTAX Medical fiber bronchoscopes feature CSV (Closed Suction Valve), a mechanism that facilitates accurate aspiration. The FB-V Series are fully immersible for fast and effective cleaning, and high-level disinfection.


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